If you are looking to learn to drive in the West Midlands then Rio Driving School can provide you with the driving lessons you need.

Since 2014 we have been the “UK’s Most Loved Driving School” (see our Awards page.) You can be sure that with us you will learn everything you need to know to pass your driving test the first time in the minimum number of lessons.

We are a small, friendly and yet professional team of local driving instructors that offer manual and automatic driving lessons to pupils of all ages and abilities.

We specialise in offering driving tuition to nervous drivers and we are also the best driving school for those who wish to learn defensive driving skills or take advanced courses after passing their DVSA driving test.

Rio is a multi-award-winning driving school, and we know how to build your driving confidence and will ultimately teach you all you need to know to pass your driving test.

Looking for Driving Lessons?

As of July 2020, we offer:

You can book driving lessons with one of our local driving instructors who knows the roads extremely well in these towns and their surrounding areas. Because of their knowledge, our driving instructors can help you learn to drive on the most common routes used during driving tests in these towns.

If you have received driving lessons elsewhere but failed to pass your driving test first time around then we will be more than pleased to welcome you aboard and teach you how to pass your driving test. Ask for an “assessment lesson” to find out what areas of your driving need attention.

We also understand that lessons aren’t just about passing your test. We firmly believe that we will provide you with a foundation for safe driving throughout your entire life on the road.

There are lots of reasons to choose our dynamic driving lessons and with a pass rate well above the national average you can be sure that you will soon have a driving test pass.

You can learn to drive and take your car driving test in your training vehicle, or your own car if you prefer.

We know that everyone will learn to drive at their own speed so we ensure that our driving tuition is completely bespoke. We tailor each lesson to not only enforce the things you have picked up quickly but we also focus on the driving skills you need help with the most.

If your goal is to pass your driving test then one of our most powerful tools at our disposal is the ability to conduct mock tests that help to spot driving faults and remedy them as swiftly as possible.

At Rio Driving School we only employ the best driving instructors and this is a great reason to choose our driving lessons. Each driving instructor is trained to the RoSPA advanced driving standards and this greatly exceeds the standards set by the DVSA.

Our elite team of driving instructors also regularly attend extra Continuous Professional Development courses (CPD) to ensure that you receive the most up to date tuition.

Additionally, you car lessons will only take place in our modern cars that are fitted with He-Man Dual Controls to give you the confidence that your driving instructor is backing you up. Our vehicles are checked daily, regularly serviced and are fully insured.

Working towards your UK driving test can be a mental challenge and we completely understand the feelings of nervous and anxious drivers.

We cater especially for anxious and nervous pupils and will ensure that you’re in car experience isn’t nerve-racking. We can help you overcome your

ear of making mistakes and will ensure that your driving lessons are not overwhelming.

Rio Driving School regularly teaches nervous pupils of all ages and abilities and can help even the most nervous pupils to get more confident in a car.

We will help you get used to the pedals and controls at a pace that suits you and if you feel ready then we will guarantee that you can drive the car on your first lesson in a quiet location.

Our high success rate with getting nervous drivers on the road and passing their tests is not only limited to first-time drivers. You may have had a recent accident and need help to rebuild your confidence.

If you are nervous then please let our driving instructor know and they will soon help you realise that driving doesn’t have to be frightening.

In preparation for your first driving lesson, you may like to listen to some music beforehand, which creates a soothing effect. It is also important to wear comfortable clothes, sensible shoes and bring a pair of sunglasses.

Don’t expect too much from yourself on your first driving lesson and simply aim to enjoy the experience.

The DVSA currently recommends a minimum 45 hours of driving lessons (for complete beginners).  Some people learn faster than others.  We will want to help you with your own individual challenges and will encourage you to make as much progress during every driving lesson as you are able to.

The driving instructors at the Rio Driving School are known for their punctuality but if an unforeseen traffic delay should occur then we promise to let you know.

Should this unlikely situation occur then we will add any lost lesson time onto the end of your driving lesson or if you prefer refund the cost of the lesson.

To help with the cost of driving lessons Rio also provides gift vouchers and these are an excellent way for friends and family to help you on your journey to driving success.

The cost of driving lessons

Learning to drive is an important life skill. Learn to stay stay safe on the road with the very best driving instructors in your local area.  

Remember! Cheap driving lessons are not cheap in the end! Click here to find out why…

Rio Driving School is competitively priced.  We offer you a multi award-winning solution to learn all your driving skills. We are priced less than all other national driving schools and you can save more money by block booking.  Ask your driving instructor how to save money on your driving lessons!

Our driving lessons cost less than large National driving schools.
First 5 lessons only £80

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