If you are looking for driving lessons in Lichfield then the Rio Driving School is the number one choice for you.

Recently voted as and presented with the 2020 UK’s Most Loved Driving School Award, we are confident that we offer the very best driving lessons in Lichfield and its surrounding areas. We offer lessons to new drivers looking to pass their test and have a specialised program for nervous or anxious drivers. If you have failed your first driving test attempt then our driving instructors are here for you and can help you succeed.

Rio Driving School can also help drivers who have had an accident to regain their confidence and provide advanced classes to those who have already passed their DVSA test.

We guarantee to teach you all you need to know to pass your driving test.

Searching for driving lessons in Lichfield?

If you are searching for driving lessons in Lichfield then our local driving instructors are there for you and can provide you with lessons that will not only put you on the route for a test pass but also set you up for a lifetime of safe and confident driving in the West Midlands and beyond.

The Lichfield area is a great place to learn, with quiet areas for you to get behind the wheel for the first time. From learning the pedals and controls, driving a car for the very first time to performing safe manoeuvres in traffic, Lichfield is a great place to learn.

Why pupils love our driving school

Pupils love our driving school and our driving instructors, with plenty of reason. Our driving school has a pass rate that greatly exceeds the national average and we have a compassionate approach that builds both good in-car habits and your confidence.

Our past and present pupils have loved learning to drive in modern cars adapted with dual controls for their safety. Our students soon learn that there is nothing to be afraid of as our driving instructors, who are trained to RoSPA advanced driving standards, put them at ease.

Our pupils also find our mock tests helpful. Taken on the most common routes used for actual tests these mock tests provide a no-pressure and informal way to build confidence and spot techniques that need modifying before your test date arrives.

Choosing the right driving instructor in Lichfield

Choosing the right driving instructor plays an important part in how well you progress with your lessons and your enjoyment of learning. Driving lessons on a personal level truly help create an atmosphere for learning at a pace that suits you. We completely understand that not everyone learns at the same speed so each and every lesson is tailored just for you.

Your one-on-one driving lesson will be an enjoyable experience from start to finish and even the most nervous students are soon put at ease and begin to travel down the route to driving success. Our team specialises in driving lessons for anxious or nervous drivers and even you can begin to prepare the path towards driving confidence.

We recommend that you do not drink coffee or caffeine based drinks before your lesson as these may increase anxiety and many pupils find listening to music before their lesson has a soothing effect. Remember to wear comfortable clothing, along with sensible shoes and don’t forget your sunglasses if it is a sunny day.

We understand that the amount of time you spend with our driving instructors relates directly to how quickly you improve. Because of this, we promise you that a 1 hour driving lesson means 1 hour of tuition. In the unlikely event of a traffic delay, we promise to let you know immediately and will offer you the opportunity to either add the lost time onto the end of your lesson or receive a refund if you prefer.

How much do driving lessons cost in Lichfield?

If you are wondering how much a lesson costs then you may be pleasantly surprised.

Learning to drive is an important life skill. Learn to stay stay safe on the road with the very best driving instructors in your local area.  

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Rio Driving School is competitively priced.  We offer you a multi award-winning solution to learn all your driving skills. We are priced less than all other national driving schools and you can save more money by block booking.  Ask your driving instructor how to save money on your driving lessons!

If you are looking to buy driving lessons for someone else then our gift vouchers provide a solution for you.

What our clients have to say…

I’ve been learning to drive with Gary for a year now and have just passed my test first time. He has improved my confidence massively, he’s a brilliant driving instructor; vary patient, punctual and friendly. Would highly recommend.

Casey, February 2023

Gary is an excellent instructor and taught me the basics of driving in the first lesson. Helped me get comfortable behind the wheel and didn’t hesitate to answer any questions I had. He’s very friendly and would always have conversations with me which helped me feel relaxed. Overall a great person and a very good teacher

Tom, February 2023
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