Covid-19 and driving lessons

Rio Driving School is committed to ensuring a safe environment for learning at all times, but with the outbreak of Covid-19 we have had to implement a number of changes to the way we work. This page will provide all of the information you need to know about driving lessons during this challenging time.

You can request a Rio branded face mask from your instructor!

What will Rio Driving School do to keep you safe?

  • You will be contacted by your instructor on the day of your lesson to check that you are well and that there have been no changes to your health
  • Additional gaps will be left between every lesson ensuring sufficient time to thoroughly clean the interior of the vehicle. All the main hand controls inside the car will be cleaned with anti-bacterial wipes (or surface cleaner), including the steering wheel, gear stick, indicators, lights, seat belt, handbrake, door handles and seats
  • Your instructor will wear a face covering during lessons in order to help prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus
  • Your instructor will notify you in advance of your lesson if he/she has been in contact with anybody who is presenting symptoms, or is presenting symptoms himself/herself

What will you be required to do?

  • Please wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds just prior to the start of your driving lesson
  • You will be required to wear a face covering for the duration of your lesson whilst inside the car. This will be the same if you are taking your practical test
  • You will be asked to sanitise your hands with the sanitiser provided as soon as you enter the vehicle. Please let your instructor know beforehand if you have any allergies which may affect you using this
  • You may wear suitable gloves if you choose to, although this is not a requirement
  • You must notify your instructor as soon as possible if you believe you have come into contact with an infected person, or anybody who is presenting symptoms of the virus
  • If you are presenting any symptoms you should cancel your lesson immediately. The late-cancellation charge will be waived and please note that you will not be able to take a driving lesson for 14 days following a cancellation for suspected Covid-19 symptoms or contact

How will my driving lesson differ from normal?

Because we are working in a confined environment there will be some changes to the way your lesson is carried out. These changes are designed specifically to reduce the chances of exposure to the virus and will not affect your learning.

  • 1-hour lessons will not be available until further notice. All lessons will last for 1½ or 2 hours
  • No cash will be handled. All lessons must be paid for in advance by bank transfer
  • Where possible the windows will be open during lessons to increase the airflow. With this in mind please ensure you dress accordingly as the vehicle may be chilly on cooler days
  • Where possible longer discussions and debriefs will take place outside the vehicle to reduce the amount of talking in an enclosed space
  • Training materials such as coaching aids and the Highway Code will only be handled by your instructor. There will be no handouts or progress logs distributed

The next few months are going to be extremely difficult to manage as rescheduled practical driving tests may affect your instructor’s availability on certain days, which in turn may affect a lesson that you have already booked.

Every effort will be made to offer a lesson to all customers each week, but priority will be given to those with test dates booked to ensure they are fully prepared for test.

Please keep your instructor updated with any changes to your availability at the earliest opportunity as their diary is limited and will require careful planning as people begin to return to work, school and college.

If your practical test is imminent your instructor will go through the procedure in detail with plenty of notice. You can also go online to look at the requirements yourself:


It goes without saying that learning to drive is secondary to everyone’s health. Despite our best attempts to reduce the possibility of contracting Covid-19 through the measures listed above, we cannot guarantee a 100% safe environment.

You must consider your own personal circumstances when choosing to book your lessons. For example, if you live in a household with any vulnerable family or friends or are in a bubble with anyone over 70 years of age, then you should consider the risks involved and make a decision that is right for you. Common sense should prevail at all times and you must do what is right for you.


Covid-19 Safety Masks

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